About CAM

In past decades, children and adolescents have become the defining users of many entertainment media and media technologies. Despite a booming media industry specifically aimed at children and young people, relatively little is known about the contents, uses, and implications of these media productions. The rapidly developing changes in young people's media environment provide an important raison d'etre for this special division within ICA that specifically focuses on the role of different media in children's and adolescents' lives.

The CAM division strives to be a fruitful intellectual forum for academics from all over the world who study the role of media in the lives of children and young people. It aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas among scholars of different backgrounds and disciplinary orientations, informed by a variety of theoretical and empirical approaches.


What we study and how

CAM aims to cover all media and technologies aimed at and/or used by children and young people: It focuses on the production, content, uses, and reception of both print and electronic media. CAM's orientation is interdisciplinary: It attempts to draw on and contribute to communication theory, but also to psychological, sociological, cultural and critical theories. CAM's approach is multi-methodological: It welcomes all theoretical and empirical studies based on quantitative and qualitative research methods.

How to join CAM

To join ICA, go to the Join Us link on the ICA homepage, and indicate your intention to become a member of the Children, Adolescents and Media division.

Stay in touch

To stay up to date about CAM's activities, keep an eye on this website! Registered CAM members receive regular updates via e-mail. In addition, both CAM and non-CAM members can follow the latest news on our Facebook group and by looking for Tweets with our hastag #ica_cam on Twitter.

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